Nicole Foss - Monday 13 February, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Monday 13 February, 7:00 - 9:00pm - Nicole Foss: Preparing the nation, your community and family for peak oil and deflation in the coming economic environment.

CSIRO Discovery Centre, Clunies Ross Street, Acton (turn up the hill at the roundabout in Clunies Ross Street)

Does government have any plans to cope with a Mid-East meltdown?

The Canberra Times published the following letter from ACT Peak Oil President Jenny Goldie on March 2.

Review of party positions for election 2010

ACT Peak Oil has reviewed the major parties' policies with respect to Peak Oil: ALP, Coalition and Greens

Opinion: A 'Big Australia' won't mean more wealth for its residents

An editorial opinion from ACT Peak Oil Vice President Jenny Goldie published in The Canberra Times.

Recent Submissions

2011 Draft Energy White Paper submission
ACT Peak Oil made a submission regarding the Australian Government's 2011 Draft Energy Whitepaper. The draft ignores Peak Oil at the nation's peril. Pointedly the suppressed BITRE report 117 is ignored.

Reply from Minister Turnbull on Oil Depletion Protocol

Earlier this year ACT Peak Oil delivered copies of The Oil Depletion Protocol by Richard Heinberg to a number of federal MPs. So far we have received one response, from Minister Turnbull.

Seminar with Dr Roger Bezdek

Dr Roger Bezdek will be speaking at a parliamentary briefing on Peak Oil. Dr Roger Bezdek is co-author of the Hirsch Report, the first public report about Peak Oil commissioned by the US Government. This makes him the "Stern-equivalent" in the realm of Peak Oil.
Hosted by ASPO Australia and Senator Rachel Siewert.

Usual approach to regional rail not viable

News from Engineers Australia:

Following the recent "Future frameworks for regional rail" symposium, at Charles Sturt University at Wagga Wagga in southern NSW, Engineers Australia's Railway Technical Society (RTSA) is alerting a wider audience to the issue.

Senate Peak Oil report released

The Senate Rural and Regional Affairs policy committee has tabled the report into Australia's future oil supply. The report is centred upon concerns about 'Peak Oil'.

ACT Peak Oil made a submission to this inquiry, and appeared before the inquiry at the Canberra hearing in May.

The final report is available here

Future frameworks for regional rail

A symposium to explore elements of a regional rail framework.
RSVP by January 11.

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