Thank you Mr Rattenbury

Dear Editor,

ACT Peak Oil applauds TAMS Minister Shane Rattenbury's public acknowledgement of the importance of peak oil in transport planning (Our roads streets ahead. August 3). Peak Oil is as uncomplicated as David Ellery made it out to be: oil supplies are diminishing. ACT Peak Oil proposes that this means petrol and diesel will therefore become more scarce and expensive. We also propose that this is a problem because none of the alternatives match petrochemicals' power to weight ratios, chemical stability and other properties. Many politicians have said we do not have to worry about this but none can refute the very simple aforementioned theory. The first step in ACT Peak Oil's 12 point plan for Canberra 'seeing off the challenge from peak oil' is admitting we have a problem. Thank you Mr Rattenbury.

Edward Smith
ACT Peak Oil

0422 290 496

ACT Peak Oil Inc. exists to raise awareness and educate about the peak of world oil production, its implications, and the options for mitigation, within an environmental, economic and social context.

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